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2009 IBC Handbook: Structural Provisions

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Authored by S.K. Ghosh, Ph.D., and John Henry, P.E., the 2009 edition of this popular IBC Handbook focuses on the requirements set forth in Chapters 16-23, as well as the historical background and rationale of the code provisions. Packed with practical examples and valuable commentary, the book clearly and deliberately explores the intent, purpose, and application of critical code provisions.

The Handbook also contains more than 200 full-color drawings and figures to clarify the application and intent of code requirements. No office should be without a copy of the IBC Handbook: Structural Provisions.

A bonus CD is included that contains the complete text as well as other related publications. The CD allows you to navigate easily through the documents, search text, copy images from figures and tables, and cut and paste small excerpts into correspondence or reports.

S. K. Ghosh and John R. Henry