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Wind Simple v1.0

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Wind Simple is an intuitive computer program that automates the new simplified version of the directional (all-heights) procedure in ASCE 7-10. Wind Simple takes the design pressures from the various tables and sections within ASCE 7-10, automates the multiple interpolations that are involved, calculates the required adjustment factors, and provides all the results in a series of clear and simple tables. Wind Simple provides design pressures for enclosed buildings having a mean roof height less than or equal to 160 ft that meet the limitations in Part 2 of Chapter 27 in ASCE 7-10 for main wind-force resisting systems (MWFRS) or Part 4 of Chapter 30 for components and cladding (C&C). Provide the basic wind speed, exposure category, mean roof height, building plan dimensions, and roof type and slope and WIND SIMPLE will provide MWFRS and C&C design pressures for all wall and roof zones. That's all it takes! Wind Simple does it all:

  • Calculates MWFRS and C&C design pressures on roof overhangs.
  • Calculates MWFRS and C&C design pressures on parapets.
  • Calculates MWFRS and C&C design pressures and wind forces at each level of the building.
  • Includes the effects of the internal pressure on the MWFRS wall pressures.
  • Applies the effective area reduction factor for C&C pressures.
  • Calculates the topographic effect factor, Kzt.
  • Provides feedback on the input values as you enter them and guides you through the input process with tips and on-screen messages.
  • Provides the design wind pressures for each applicable zone of the building in clear and concise tables.
  • Documents the calculations in clear and attractive reports that can be used for record keeping or to as easy-to-use design pressure tables.

It's just that easy! Wind design, truly, has never been as simple as this!

Jason Ericksen Jason Ericksen
System Requirements

Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Processor: AMD Athlon or equivalent - 1 GHz minimum
Memory: 512 MB minimum
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit) on a PC
Additional Hardware Requirement: One free USB port

Q1. How does the license work?

A1. The license of Wind Simple is administered by a USB license key. For each license purchased, one USB license key will be shipped to you. You will need to attach the license key to a USB port of your computer before running the program in order to unlock all its features. Without a license key, the program will run in Trial mode. Limitations of the Trial mode can be found here.

The use of a license key makes it very easy to use the program on multiple computers. The program does not get “locked” to a single computer, and does not need to be deactivated/activated every time you want to run the program on a different computer.

Q2. I have attached my USB license key to my computer, but Wind Simple does not seem to detect it, and is running in Trial mode. What do I do?

A2. You will need to install a driver for the license key. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download USB key driver installation tool

For Windows XP/Vista      For Windows 7/8/10

Step 2. Install USB key driver: Make sure the USB key is NOT attached to the computer. Run the USB key driver installation tool. On the application interface under "Dongle Type" select "USB Dongle (Windows XP/Vista) OR KEYLOCK 2 (Windows 7/8)". Also, under "Installation Type," select "Stand Alone" and click on "Begin install". When the installation is complete, close the application, attach the USB key and let Windows find the driver automatically.


Download Wind Simple v1 from the link below. If you have not purchased a license yet, you can run the program in Trial mode, allowing you to get a feel for how the program works. Trial does not expire, but please see the limitations of the program in the Trial mode.

After you have purchased the program, USB license key(s) will be sent to you. Attach the license key to an USB port of your computer to remove the Trial mode limitations.

Trial mode limitations

  • The mean roof height, h, cannot exceed 75 ft..
  • The mean roof height, h, cannot be less than 50 ft.
  • The basic wind speed, V, cannot exceed 150 mph.
  • The basic wind speed, V, cannot be less than 120 mph.