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Tornado and High Wind Sheltering with Masonry

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With the 2015 edition of the International Building Code (IBC) comes requirements that most schools and emergency facilities located in areas where the design wind speed for tornadoes is 250 mph, must contain a storm shelter meeting the requirements of the ICC 500, Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. For areas that will use the 2015 IBC, this new requirement will impact the majority of new school and emergency facility construction spanning as far north as central Minnesota, as far south as southern Mississippi, and stretching to western Pennsylvania in the east and western Texas to the west.

Masonry can provide safe, practical and cost effective solutions for sheltering from tornados and high wind events. In this seminar you learn about these new shelter requirements and how to engineer masonry for the mandated wind speeds. An emphasis on the additional structural observation, inspection and peer review are covered. We share the results of new tornado missile testing that has opened the doors for additional masonry shelter options.

Join us as we walk through several masonry options for sheltering that result in cost effective and safe sheltering solutions.

Diane B. Throop, P.E., FASTM, FTMS and W. Mark McGinley, Ph.
112 mins
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Diane is head of her own consulting firm specializing in technical and marketing services for the masonry industry. She has over 30 years"