PTData.Net - Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Frames

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PTData.Net is a Windows-based computer program for the design and analysis of linear post-tensioned concrete frames. The software is extremely easy to use and is intended for both occasional and regular designers of post-tensioned concrete floor systems. PTData.Net can be used to design and analyze prismatic frames where the cross-section of the beams or slabs can vary from one span to another span, while the cross-section remains constant between supports in any given span. The maximum number of spans in the PTData.Net frame is 25 plus a cantilever at either or both ends.

Major features:

  • Fast and efficient design of beams, one & two-way slabs.
  • Easy to read graphic elevation of prestressed and non-prestressed reinforcing.
  • Automated column capital design for two-way slabs.
  • Compact and easy to read output. All required final design criteria are easy to find.
  • Very useful in evaluating output from complex finite element programs.
  • Numerous built-in warnings of overstresses or departures from standard practice to help mitigate errors or poorly proportioned designs.
  • Watch stresses and balanced loads change instantly on the same screen as you adjust profiles and forces.
  • Print directly from the programs (including PDF files with Adobe Acrobat installed).
  • Designed by practicing licensed structural engineers for practicing engineers and instructors.

A link to download your copy of the software will be emailed to you after purchase. See the FAQ section for more information.

Download a FREE "Student" edition of the program from the link below for evaluation purposes. This edition has all the functionalities of the full edition of the program, except that it is limited to two spans only.

Download PTData.Net manuals from the links below. The User Manual describes how to install and use PTData.Net. The Theory Manual describes in technical detail what PTData.Net actually does.

More Information
Description: System Requirements

Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Download)
Processor: AMD Athlon or equivalent - 1 GHz minimum
Memory: 512 MB minimum
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit) on a PC

Q1. How does the software license work?

A1. PTData.Net comes with unlimited licenses, with no maintenance or annual fee. Once a purchase is made, a unique download link will be sent within 24 business hours containing a copy of the software that has been customized with the user's company name. The company name will be displayed on the software interface as well as on the output reports.

Q2. How many spans can I model with PTData.Net?

A2. Up to 25 spans.

Q3. Can I print PDF's files directly from the programs?

A3. Yes, as long as you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer and have set up a PDF printer.

Q4. Can I model slab-bands (beams) in the two-way slab analysis with PTData.Net?

A4. Yes, you can now model slab-bands in PTData.Net without having the Plus option.

Q5. Will PTData.Net recommend a slab thickness to use?

A5. Yes. The one and two-way slab options have a "Recommend Slab Thickness" button.

Q6. Will PTData.Net design the column capitals for me in a two-way slab design?

A6. Yes. Now with one button click the programs designs column capitals for both critical punching shear sections.

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