Quick Anchor v3 - Anchor Design for Concrete per ACI 318

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Short Introduction

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Download Quick Anchor v3.0 from the link below. If you have not purchased a license yet, you can run the program in Trial mode, allowing you to get a feel for how the program works. Trial does not expire, but please see the limitations of the program in the Trial mode.

After you have purchased the program, USB license key(s) will be sent to you. Attach the license key to an USB port of your computer to remove the Trial mode limitations.

Trial mode limitations

  • Maximum number of anchors cannot exceed 4.
  • The specified compressive strength of concrete is 4000 psi and cannot be changed.
  • Maximum diameter of anchors cannot exceed 0.5 inch.
  • The grade of anchor steel is selected from 3 built-in options which are AWS D1.1 Grade B, ASTM A 307 Grades A and C.
  • In the load input form, the fields to enter maximum tensile and shear loads that can be transferred by attachment and the overstrength factor are disabled.
  • Custom adhesive anchor bond strengths cannot be entered.

More Information
Description: System Requirements

Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Processor: AMD Athlon or equivalent - 1 GHz minimum
Memory: 512 MB minimum
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit) on a PC
Additional Hardware Requirement: One free USB port

Q1. How does the license work?

A1. The license of Quick Anchor is administered by a USB license key. For each license purchased, one USB license key will be shipped to you. You will need to attach the license key to a USB port of your computer before running the program in order to unlock all its features. Without a license key, the program will run in Trial mode. Limitations of the Trial mode can be found here.

The use of a license key makes it very easy to use the program on multiple computers. The program does not get “locked” to a single computer, and does not need to be deactivated/activated every time you want to run the program on a different computer.

Q2. Is there any way I can start using the full version of the program right after purchasing it while I am still waiting for my USB license key?

A2. Yes, Quick Anchor comes with a 2-week license that you can activate right after purchasing it. You will receive a prompt when you launch the program without a USB license key. Just type in your Order ID in the space provided to activate this license. You will need an Internet connection for activation as well as for running the program under this temporary license (Internet connection will not be required once you have received your USB license key). Your Order ID can be found in the confirmation email that you will receive when you purchase Quick Anchor, and it begins with "44000".

Q3. What if I am upgrading from an older version of Quick Anchor that came with a USB license key? Will you send me a new key?

A3. If you already have a license key from an older version of Quick Anchor, all you need to do is to upgrade (reprogram) your existing key to work with the new version of Quick Anchor. The instructions for upgrading an older key can be found here.

Q4. I have attached my USB license key to my computer, but Quick Anchor does not seem to detect it, and is running in Trial mode. What do I do?

A4. If you received a green colored USB key from us, you will need to install a driver for the license key. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download USB key driver installation tool

For Windows XP/Vista     For Windows 7/8/10

Step 2. Install USB key driver: Make sure the USB key is NOT attached to the computer. Run the USB key driver installation tool. On the application interface under "Installation Type," select "Client" (do not select anything else) and click on "Begin install". When the installation is complete, close the application, attach the USB key and let Windows find the driver automatically.

Q5. I have purchased a new computer. How do I install Quick Anchor on that?

A5. To install Quick Anchor on your new computer, first download the program installer from the link below. Save the installer file anywhere on your new computer, and then double-click on it to start the installation. Wait till you receive the confirmation that the installation is finished.

If you have a blue colored USB license key, please attach the USB key to your new computer and let Windows detect it automatically and install the necessary device driver. You will receive a confirmation that the device has been installed properly. At this time, you are ready to start using Quick Anchor on your new computer.

If you have a green colored USB license key, you will need to install a device driver for the license key. Please see the answer to Question 4 above for instructions to install the driver.

Q6. Why am I getting a virus alert from my Norton Anti Virus program?

A6. Unfortunately, the alert you are getting from Norton Anti Virus program is a common "false-positive" for new applications. This alert comes from a review-based classification where new files that have "no reputation info available" are suspected to be threats. We have already submitted a dispute to Norton regarding this. Please be assured our programs are free of viruses or malwares. To switch this Norton warning off, please click on "Options" and then " Restore and exclude this file" as shown below:

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