PT Designer - Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Floors

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PT Designer is a computer program for the design and analysis of linear post-tensioned concrete floor systems. The program is developed around the robust computational core of two popular programs – PTData.Net and PTPlus.Net, which many engineers have come to trust over the years for its accuracy and flexibility. PT Designer builds upon that by incorporating a user-friendly interface and attractive PDF outputs for a more efficient use of the program.

PT Designer is extremely easy to use and is intended for both occasional and regular designers of post-tensioned concrete floor systems.

  • Fast and efficient design of post-tensioned beams, one-way and two-way slabs and mat foundations
  • Supports up to 25 spans plus a cantilever at either or both ends
  • Supports multiple segments with different cross-sections within a single span for beams, one-way, and two-way slabs
  • Supports varying cross-sections from one span to another
  • Automated column capital design for two-way slabs
  • Very useful in evaluating output from complex finite element programs
  • Numerous built-in warnings of overstresses or departures from standard practice to help mitigate errors or poorly proportioned designs
  • Watch stresses and balanced loads change instantly on the same screen as you adjust profiles and forces
  • Supports input files from PTData.Net and PTPlus.Net to facilitate continuity
  • Displays graphical representation of the input structure to minimize errors
  • Improved illustrations of tendon and reinforcement arrangement
  • Attractive PDF output reports
  • Designed by practicing licensed structural engineers for practicing engineers and instructors.

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Beam Design Example

One-way Slab Design Example

Two-way Slab Design Example

  • 2 seats - $2500 with an annual maintenance fee of $500
  • 5 seats - $4500 with an annual maintenance fee of $900
  • 20 seats - $7500 with an annual maintenance fee of $1,500
  • More than 20 seats - Contact us (847-991-2700)

Purchasing the maintenance fee will be required when the software is purchased for the first time. Continuing with the maintenance plan will enable the user to keep their version of PT Designer current and receive answers to any questions they might have about the software.

Current users of PTData and PTPlus might qualify for a discounted price. Please give us a call to know more.

PT Designer license is administered online through our license server. As a result, an Internet connection is required for this program to work.

The program can be installed on as many computers as required. However, at a given time, it can only be used on a certain number of computers depending on how many seats of the license was purchased. The license can be activated and deactivated as needed on a given computer.

**Annual maintenance fee will be waived when a new license is purchased by October 12, 2021**

Download PT Designer and its manuals from the links given below. After you have purchased the program, a license file will be sent to you along with instructions on how to activate the license. The User Manual describes how to install and use PT Designer. The Theory Manual describes in technical detail what PT Designer actually does.

You can also download a FREE "Trial" version of PT Designer from the link below for evaluation purposes. This version has all the functionalities of the full version of the program, except that:

  • it is limited to two spans only,
  • user and project information cannot be entered, and
  • a watermark appears on the output reports.

More Information

System Requirements

Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
Processor: AMD Athlon or equivalent - 1 GHz minimum
Memory: 512 MB minimum
Hard Drive: 1 GB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 or 64 bit) on a PC

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