2006 IBC Seismic Design Provisions

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This one-day seminar was taped in Southern California in April 2008. Following a presentation of the equivalent static force procedure, topics such as simplified design procedure, redundancy, dynamic analysis, orthogonal effects, anchorage of walls to diaphragms, and diaphragm design are covered. Comparisons are made with the corresponding provisions of the 1997 UBC, whenever that is practicable. Also, importantly, several numerical examples are included, illustrating some of the most frequently used code provisions. Example 1 illustrates application of the equivalent static force procedure to the design of a low-rise frame building. Example 2 illustrates application of the simplified design procedure to a low-rise shear wall building. Example 3 is on diaphragm design. Example 4 is a multi-part example illustrating ASCE 7-05 provisions concerning anchorage of concrete and masonry walls and attachment of nonstructural components to a structure.

While much attention was paid to seismic design in our "Transitioning to the New California Building Code (Structural Provisions)" seminar, this seminar provides more thorough coverage and dedicates the time necessary to fully understand the new seismic provisions.

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