Frequently Misunderstood IBC/ASCE 7-05 Structural Provisions

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This one-day seminar was presented by Dr. S. K. Ghosh and Susan Dowty, S.E., in Southern California in July, 2009, and was professionally recorded at the site. The seminar addresses the top 10 misunderstood structural provisions in ASCE 7-05 and related IBC structural provisions. The following ten topics are discussed, including a presentation of answers to questions that we have received on the application of related provisions: 1. Redundancy Factor 2. Drift Determination and Building Separation 3. Minimum Seismic Design Base Shear 4. Live Load Reduction 5. Seismic Analysis Procedure Selection 6. Enclosure Classification for Wind Design 7. Special Seismic Load Combinations 8. R, Cd and Overstrength Factor Values for Horizontal and Vertical Combinations 9. Seismic and Wind Design of Parapets 10. Torsion, Torsional Irregularity and Direction of Seismic Loading

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