RTWall - Design of Concrete and Masonry Retaining Walls

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RTWall is an easy-to-use computer program for analyzing masonry and reinforced concrete cantilever and restrained retaining walls. RTWall checks the wall and footing for strength and stability under a variety of loading conditions including soil, water, dead, live, wind, and seismic loads in accordance with the provisions of the 2018, 2015, 2012 and 2009 editions of the International Building Code.

Major features:

  • Incorporates stability, strength and detailing requirements of the 2018/2015/2012/2009 IBC, the 2014/2011/2008 editions of ACI 318, and the 2016/2013/2011/2008 editions of the MSJC masonry code.
  • Supports cantilever and restrained (up to 5 points of restraint) walls).
  • Supports concrete and masonry walls.
  • Soil pressure can be specified as Equivalent Fluid Pressure (EFP), or determined by Coulomb or Rankine method.
  • Incorporates uniform, strip, line and point surcharge loading.
  • Incorporates dead and live loads with eccentricity at the top of the wall as well as lateral wind load on the exposed surface of the wall.
  • Incorporates seismic earth pressure either directly from geotechnical report or by Mononobe-Okabe method.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with dynamic graphics for ease of input.
  • Includes a “Quick Results” sidebar for ease of design.
  • Produces detailed design report showing project parameters, loading, and design calculations and results.
  • Keeps users current with the latest version of the program through subscription based license.

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