PT Designer - Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Floors

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PT Designer is a computer program for the design and analysis of linear post-tensioned concrete floor systems. The program is developed around the robust computational core of two popular programs – PTData.Net and PTPlus.Net, which many engineers have come to trust over the years for its accuracy and flexibility. PT Designer builds upon that by incorporating a user-friendly interface and attractive PDF outputs for a more efficient use of the program.

PT Designer is extremely easy to use and is intended for both occasional and regular designers of post-tensioned concrete floor systems.

  • Fast and efficient design of post-tensioned beams, one-way and two-way slabs and mat foundations
  • Supports up to 25 spans plus a cantilever at either or both ends
  • Supports multiple segments with different cross-sections within a single span for beams, one-way, and two-way slabs
  • Supports varying cross-sections from one span to another
  • Automated column capital design for two-way slabs
  • Very useful in evaluating output from complex finite element programs
  • Numerous built-in warnings of overstresses or departures from standard practice to help mitigate errors or poorly proportioned designs
  • Watch stresses and balanced loads change instantly on the same screen as you adjust profiles and forces
  • Supports input files from PTData.Net and PTPlus.Net to facilitate continuity
  • Displays graphical representation of the input structure to minimize errors
  • Improved illustrations of tendon and reinforcement arrangement
  • Attractive PDF output reports
  • Designed by practicing licensed structural engineers for practicing engineers and instructors.

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